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Game Updates


PS4 (01.11), PS5 (01.010), Xbox One ( Xbox Series S/X (, Switch EU/US 1.0.6, Switch Asia 1.0.7, EPIC, STEAM

Added support to change the input configuration of the second player in Split Screen mode.

Added riding aids for the Drift Master in all offline game modes.

Improved controller support for the Steam version.

Fixed a bug with unresponsive buttons in the “Favorites” tab of the track selection page.

Fixed an issue with some vehicles occasionally stuck in the track at the start of a race.

Fixed an error in the Online Track Voting page, when there is a community track made on an environment not owned by the user.

Fixed a bug with the Track Editor grid visible on some objects during the Test Track and Validation phases.

Fixed Fiat 500 STH rear tires slightly floating over the tracks.

Fixed a bug with custom stickers not visible for the second player in split screen mode.

Fixed the “Hot Wheels™ Creature Rampage” map not loading correctly in some instances.

Fixed a bug with the track icon not visible for Waypoint tracks in split screen mode.

Fixed the the position of the boost VFX for the Honda City Turbo.

Other minor fixes

Hotwheels Orange Lightning