Q: How long does the contest last?

A: From 14 January 2022 to 14 February 2022.

Q: How can I join the contest?

A: To join the contest you have to:

  • Enter the game menu and go to the section dedicated to the livery editor.
  • Click on the banner dedicated to this competition.
  • Confirm your willingness to participate in the competition and accept these terms and conditions.
  • Proceed with the creation of your graphic and finalise it by uploading your livery online: every livery shared this way will be part of the contest.

Q: Is the contest available on all platforms?

A: It’s open to all players who have a Sony (PS4/PS5), Microsoft (Xbox One/Xbox Series X) or Steam account.

Q: Can I customize the livery of every car model?

A: No, only the Rodger Dodger is allowed.

Q: Am I allowed to submit more than one entry?

A: You may submit more than one entry, provided that the same content is not submitted more than once.

Q: Are there specific requirements for the car to be accepted?

A: Yes, designs must abide by the following requirements:

  • The winning livery decoration will be reproduced on the right/left sides and top side of the diecast. Each side must be considered as a “plane”.
  • For this contest, each plane can have a maximum of 4 colors.
  •  NOTE FOR TOP PLANE. The top plane has 3 areas: hood, roof and trunk. A color on each of those areas will be counted as separate color, even if they are the same color. Example: a simple white stripe running across the hood, roof and trunk would be counted as 3 colors, so the player would only have 1 color left to apply to 1 of the 3 top areas (Remember: only 4 colors per plane).

Q: Does the base color count as one of the 4 maximum colors?

A: Yes, if you intend to use the base color as a decoration itself, it counts as a separate color

Q: Are there any restrictions?

A: Yes, please be mindful that the following will be excluded from the contest:

  • Designs which in any manner whatsoever violate third party rights, including copyright or other rights.
  • Designs considered offensive and/or which run counter to public morality and decorum, or which contain content which is defamatory, or which infringes privacy.
  • Designs which do not conform with the characteristics required, as noted above.
  • Any designs sent by minors.