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HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™ 2 – Speed Kings Pack

A statement of style and speed on the track. Two absolutely jaw-dropping designs, with killer performance.

Of course, we are talking about Impavido 1™, a stunning exotic car that embodies the spirit of the best supercars and, as the name suggests, is not afraid of anything or anyone thanks to its truly unrivaled capabilities that will lead it to dominate your races.

And Electro Silhouette™, a futuristic racing car powered by an electric engine that has nothing to envy of traditional engines in terms of performance. This jewel of technology may be eco-friendly, but it is certainly not rival-friendly.

Winning will be even more electrifying! Supercharge your collection with the new vehicles of the Speed Kings Pack!

This DLC includes:

  • Impavido 1™
  • Electro Silhouette™

This DLC is not included in any Season Pass.