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HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™ 2 – Rust and Fast Pack

Get a classic and take it to a whole new level of style and power. Here is the philosophy that drives the Hot Rods– street monsters with super-sized engines that literally can’t fit in the car body!

An excess of power ready to be unleashed on the track to whizz at full speed and leave everything behind you.

Especially your opponents!
In the Rust and Fast Pack, you will find nothing less than two legends like Mod Rod and the futuristic FusionBusta™. Mod Rod combines a classic look with modern details, combining the best of both worlds for a result that is all style and energy, with its signature all-round windows that makes it even cooler.

And when modern isn’t enough, get behind the wheel of the futuristic FusionBusta™ and its super-powered engine that takes the hot rods to new horizons of evolution!

This DLC includes:

  • Mod Rod
  • FusionBusta™

This DLC is not included in any Season Pass.