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HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™ 2 – AcceleRacers Free Pack 3

Directly from Team Teku’s collection of cars, here is Battle Spec™, created to impress with its beauty as much as its speed. Its carbon fibre monocoque frame hides an impressive power that as the name implies is ready for any battle on the track. Like all Team Teku cars, Battle Spec™ mounts HID (high-intensity discharge) headlamps to dazzle all opponents with its style.

Team Metal Maniacs counters with Jack Hammer™, Deezel Riggs’ first car. A 500 hp monster that stands out for its asymmetric wheels, smaller at the front and larger at the back, which give the car even better aerodynamics. When looking for victory, Jack Hammer™ hammers all opponents with star performances. Add AcceleRacers Free Pack 3 to your collection now!

This DLC includes:

  • Battle Spec™
  • Jack Hammer™