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Game Updates


PS4 (01.04), PS5 (01.004), Xbox One ( Xbox Series S/X (, Switch EU/US (1.0.2), Switch Asia (1.0.3), EPIC, STEAM

Added an alphanumeric code to the player profile in online matches in order to identify players with the same user name during online cross play sessions.

Improved the minimap UI of „Clash Derby“ and „Grab the Gears“ game modes: icons are no longer cut on the edge of the minimap, making it easier to read them.

Added more „Secret“ rarity and „Add-on“ vehicles to the available filters in the „Collection“ page

Added an option to maintain the original rims in the Livery Editor.

Improved texturing and lighting of the „Clash Derby“ arena. 

Fixed the Automatic Closure feature not working when editing a branch of a split track in the Track Editor . 

Fixed a bug that forced the wrong vehicle in online matches if chosen in the online main page. 

Fixed a bug where the Elimination race do not finish if the player remains alone with no other opponents. 

Fixed some tracks showing the wrong suggested vehicle category in the „Track Selection“ page. 

Fixed a bug that caused a module SFX to loop in the „Track Selection“ page.

Fixed the party overlay visible over the Player Profile visualization page. 

Improved some „Unleashed Missions“ description to make them more clear. 

Fixed the „Success Story“ Mission unlocking condition. 

Added the „Shared Content“ button when viewing a player profile. 

Fixed a bug that caused problems with the boost using a specific combination of perks with some vehicles. 

Fixed the accessibility options not working in „City Rumble“ Elimination mode events. 

Minor fixes to the UI.